On Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 06:01:37PM +0530, Vinod Koul wrote:
> On 10-01-20, 16:11, Stefan Mavrodiev wrote:
> > Currently the cyclic transfers can be used only with normal DMAs. They
> > can be used by pcm_dmaengine module, which is required for implementing
> > sound with sun4i-hdmi encoder. This is so because the controller can
> > accept audio only from a dedicated DMA.
> >
> > This patch enables them, following the existing style for the
> > scatter/gather type transfers.
> I presume you want this to go with drm tree (if not let me know) so:
> Acked-by: Vinod Koul <vk...@kernel.org>

There's no need for it to go through DRM, it can go through your tree :)


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