I'm trying to get up and running writing a state tracker for libXvMC
using SoftPipe, but looking at the Mesa src a few things are unclear
to me.

Looking at root/src/gallium/winsys/xlib I can't quite figure out where
Mesa ends and where Gallium starts. It's my understanding that the
winsys creates the pipe_context that I need, but is there a generic X
winsys driver? The xm_* sources where softpipe_create() is eventually
called (in xm_winsys.c) look very tied to Mesa, even though they
appear to be in a generic directory, so do all state trackers have to
implement something similar to use SoftPipe? Is this also the case for
using hw drivers? Looking at the the aub src files and the dri
directory it looks like that stuff is tied to the hw and does not have
to be provided for each state tracker.

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