Card is an AGP RV670. libdrm,mesa,ddx and xorg are current gits.

After the recent batch of commits to drm-radeon-testing I have a perf 

It doesn't show immediately, but after running a timedemo on nexuiz 
followed by openarena, further timedemos on either will have very poor 
performance - 4 fps and gears may be as low as 100fps.

Nothing in dmesg during bisect (though I saw a few errors when on head - 
I think they are a separate issue) and free looks OK.

Once this has happened 2D performance is also reduced a bit - menues on 
seamonkey slower than before and when displaying a page with a second 
counter, sometimes all rendering will glitch briefly every second - can 
be seen just with key repeat in an xterm.

Git bisect came up with -

db78e27de7e29a6db6be7caf607cf803d84094aa is first bad commit
commit db78e27de7e29a6db6be7caf607cf803d84094aa
Author: Francisco Jerez <>
Date:   Tue Jan 12 18:49:43 2010 +0100

     drm/ttm: Avoid conflicting reserve_memtype during 

     Fixes errors like:
     > reserve_ram_pages_type failed 0x15b7a000-0x15b7b000, track 0x8, 
req 0x10
     when a BO is moved between WC and UC areas.

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