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--- Comment #4 from Kai <>  2010-02-13 05:31:06 PST ---
I see this bug too when using a 3D application (e.g. playing something in Wine)
with the following system:
GPU: R300
Kernel: 1.7.4
Mesa: 7.6.1
Radeon driver: 6.12.4 + commits up to 712ac98a
Essentially Debian Testing except the Kernel (self-built) and the radeon driver
(from Unstable, because it fixes <>).

Something I've noticed, that I see quite often (when stopping kdm or when I run
glxinfo) a lot of messages like „glxinfo:5129 freeing invalid memtype
e0102000-e0112000“ (this is one I triggered with glxinfo, the ones I see when
stopping kdm are similar except the glxinfo part is then replaced by kdm). I
don't know, if this might be related.

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