--- Comment #2 from Rene Peinthor <>  2010-03-08 09:30:43 PST 
Sorry a bit late, I have currently no access to my machine with the r700 card,
but I found a forum entry from the game forums, specifying which extensions
need to be available.

It now only requires an OpenGL 1.2 / GLSL 1.10 compliant video card with the
following extensions present: ARB_multitexture, ARB_vertex_buffer_object,
ARB_shader_objects, ARB_fragment_shader, ARB_vertex_shader,
ARB_shading_language_100, ARB_pixel_buffer_object, EXT_framebuffer.

I'm not sure what else is currently missing as I can't check...
the ARB_pixel_buffer_object was just the first error.

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