--- Comment #6 from Marius Groeger <>  2010-03-08 23:16:48 
PST ---
Thanks for picking this up, Alex.

> Are you getting a crash as well or just the tv-out getting detected as
> connected?

No crash, just the tv-out getting detected as connected.

> Do either of your laptops have a tv-out port?  Is the issue that your laptops
> do not have tv-out ports at all in which case they shouldn't be listed, or 
> that
> they have ports, but they are being detected as connected when they are not?

The latter, in my case. I do have an S-video output (yellow cinch connector)
but nothing's connected to it.

> Is this still an issue with 2.6.33 or drm-next?

I am using 2.6.33 final using the mainline-ppa builds for ubuntu.

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