Larry Finger <> wrote:
> This reverts commit d86e64768859fca82c78e52877ceeba04e25d27a.
> For drivers rtl8188ee, rtl8192ce, rtl8192ee, rtl8723ae, and rtl8821ae,
> the Coccinelle script missed the fact that the code changes the firmware
> name. When that happens, the kernel issues a BUG splat because
> it is unable to overwrite the old name.
> Although this bug only affects 5 of the 8 drivers it touched, I decided to
> revert the entire patch. Continuing to constantify the other three could
> too easily lead to introduction of future bugs.
> Fixes: d86e64768859 ("rtlwifi: rtl818x: constify local structures")
> Signed-off-by: Larry Finger <>
> Cc: Stable <> 
> Cc: Julia Lawall <>

Dropping as requested.

Patch set to Superseded.


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