On Tue, Mar 06, 2018 at 01:23:18AM -0800, Quytelda Kahja wrote:
> > Are you sure this will work?
> Well, my goal was just to replace the code that could crash the kernel
> and let somebody with a better understanding of this particular driver
> write the recovery code, if necessary.  It seemed from context that
> the BUG_ON() calls were being used like assert() though, so I assumed
> there wasn't really much recovery to be made from that problem.  If
> you feel this doesn't improve the behavior of the driver, just drop
> the patch.

mbo is always non-NULL just from a quick glance.  I didn't look hard
enough to verify that mbo->context was OK.

It's generally best to just check the callers and delete these.

Say you have a BUG_ON() then that prevents memory corruption (not an
issue here) but it makes debugging hard.  But if you just have a NULL
dereference it probably kills the driver but you get an Oops which you
can debug.  So a NULL dereference is normally better than a BUG_ON().

dan carpenter

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