This is my plan for moving out the ad7746 driver out of staging. I
have some specific questions that would be really helpful if someone
can point me in the right direction to go.

1. Pick up on David's clean-up patch. Finish cleaning CHECKs from
checkpatch.pl if possible.

2. Reorder includes alphabetically.

3. Reorder some variable declarations in an inverse-pyramid scheme.

4. Fix sysfs attrs naming to comply with the ABI, e.g.:
in_capacitance0_calibbias_calibration -> in_capacitance0_calibbias

5. Add documentation to the {cap,vt}_filter_rate tables and to the
processed info read. There are some magic numbers out there, I will
read the datasheet and explain the math that I consider appropiate.

6. There are a few too many defines that are not used at all but they
do follow the datasheet. I don't know if there are plans to keep
adding functionalities to this driver or if I should just remove them.

8. EXCLVL is duplicated. There's a simple macro in ad7746.c and some
defines in ad7746.h. The latter are not used anywhere in the code.
Remove them.

7. Move the struct ad7746_platform_data to include/linux/iio.

As mentioned in earlier mails, I will avoid adding new features as I
have no access to the hardware and, therefore, could not test it.

I guess that'd be all. If I'm missing something I would be really
grateful if you can let me know or give me some pointers where to look


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