> Can you resend this series and just use the correct SPDX identifiers for
> all of the new files, instead of all of this horrid boiler-plate code?
> That will save me time when I have to go delete all of this in the near
> future :)
> Also, why dual license it?  Are you _SURE_ you want to do that, and are
> totally aware of all of the crazy issues surrounding it?  Hint, it
> almost never means what you might think it does, and I have yet to know
> of anyone doing anything "real" with any dual-licensed Linux kernel
> code.
> Remember, BSD is not the license you want/need for GPL header files that
> are exposed to userspace...
> thanks,
> greg k-h

Thank you for your observation. I will update the patches with the SPDX 

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