My name is Veerathai Santiprabhob the Governor of Central bank of Thailand. 
Please there is counter claim on your entitled funds presently by one Mr. Peter 
Schwartz from Detroit Michigan, USA. He is trying to make us believe that you 
are dead and even explained that you had an agreement with him to help you in 
receiving your  payment of $2.5 Million USD.

kindly reconfirm to us, for your urgent release of the entitled Funds 
immediately. Do you have a next of kin in the USA with the name Mr. Peter 
Schwartz? Your urgent response is needed so this office will not be held 
responsible for making payment to the wrong person.
We understand from your payment file that you have been in this transaction for 
a long time but unfortunately you have not been able to receive your Funds. Now 
we are ready to wire these Funds to you but we are face with the challenge of 
this counter claim from someone else claiming to be your next of kin.

We await your response for clarification on this matter today.

Yours Sincerely
Dr. Veerathai Santiprabhob
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