On Sun, Apr 08, 2018 at 04:15:30PM +0200, Marcus Wolf wrote:
> The hardware of Pi433 is working with every Raspberry Pi (on zero, you
> need to solder the GPIO-pins) and with several other fruits like banana
> pi. The only thing is, that you need different versions of the driver,
> according to the processor, mounted on your fruit.
> If you'd like to test more then ther is no hang up or crash, you will
> need a second party. You could use a 433MHz socket for testing TX or a
> 433 thermometer for testing RX. An example code for communication with a
> socket is available on the Pi433 productpage (www.pi433.de). The sample
> for the thermometer isn't published yet (as always lack of time).
> If you want to test more deeply (using different features of the Rf69
> chip or even do some long time testing, you have more options, if you
> use to Pis with Pi433.
> Just let me know, what you'd like to do and what equipment, you need.

At the moment I have Rpi2 but not any other 433MHz equipment, so I
could only do some basic testing unfortunately.  In case I get the
new Rpi3 some time soon I would be able to do something better.

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