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> Of Stephen Hemminger
> > +/* statistics per queue (rx/tx packets/bytes) */ #define
> > +NETVSC_PCPU_STATS_LEN (num_present_cpus() *
> ARRAY_SIZE(pcpu_stats))
> Even though Hyper-V/Azure does not support hot plug cpu's it might be
> better to num_cpu_possible to avoid any possible future surprises.

That will create a very long output (num_cpu_possible = 128 on my machine) for 
While doesn't provide additional info.
num_present_cpus() would cause problem only if someone removed cpu 
between netvsc_get_sset_count() and netvsc_get_strings() and 

An alternative way could be: Check all stats, and only output if not zero. 
This need to be done in two pass. First pass to get the correct count, second 
pass to print the number.
Is there an elegant way to do this? 
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