Matt Johnston <> wrote:
 |On 2 March 2018 6:17:42 pm AWST, Konstantin Tokarev <> \
 |>02.03.2018, 00:18, "Steffen Nurpmeso" <>:
 |>>> ok?? Ok, so how about "-o ProxyLocalhost=PORT"?
 |>There is no such option in openssh
 |I'm not opposed to adding options just for dropbear. Another alternative \
 |that might be more flexible would be 
 |-o localhost:7766
 |With used for known_hosts matching. Then the proxy tcp \
 |destination could be a remote host too if desired. Thoughts?

I do not like the hunk in cli-runopts.c, line 681.  The test is
now useless and depends on the order on the command line.

Regarding yours: isn't that much harder to implement?  The nice
thing about this patch is that it is so small and could be carried
along for over four years without having a look :).  I mean, today
with all those docker images and entire vde2 local networks etc.
the need as such can easily be seen as something ridiculous,
i know...


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