Hi Martin,

Dropbear should be able to do 1, it will send the PAM_TEXT_INFO as a SSH banner.
SSH clients may display that before asking for a username though, I haven't 

Dropbear can't change usernames though.


> On Wed 13/6/2018, at 4:21 pm, Martin van Es <mrva...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for an OpenSSH drop-in replacement that fixes two problems
> in OpenSSH for me:
> 1. Allow PAM_TEXT_INFO conversation messages displayed during
> keyboard-interactive PAM authentication (without buffering). I don't
> want a prompt, only display a url containing a challenge.
> 2. Honour new username after PAM set PAM_USER using
> pam_set_item(PAM_USER, value)
> Would dropbear be a valid contender?
> Martin
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