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Dear all,

I'm glad to announce the availability of the 5.7 version of DSpace-CRIS built 
on top of the recent security fix release DSpace JSPUI 5.7:


This version includes the bug fixes from DSpace 5.7 and provides new 
functionalities to DSpace-CRIS (details below).

The official demo of DSpace-CRIS 5.7 can be found here: 

Please find below the list of the new features and improvements that are now 

  *   Hierarchy metadata support for DSpace items (new addition from the RC): 
It is now possible to configure one or more metadata as child of another one. 
If the parent metadata is repeatable, adding an additional value for the parent 
metadata will allow to input values also for the linked child metadata. 
Currently only text-based (onebox) metadata can be used as child metadata but 
support for the other input types will be added in subsequent minor releases.
  *   Signposting support: DSpace-CRIS is more machine friendly than never. It 
supports now the following signposting patterns<http://signposting.org/>: 
Author, Identifier, Publication Boundary
  *   The CORE Recommender Engine integration: Display documents that are 
semantically similar. Powered by CORE https://core.ac.uk/. You can take a look 
at our example here: https://dspace-cris.4science.it/handle/123456789/102
  *   Authority Lookup based on Getty Vocabularies: For more information about 
Getty Vocabularies please check 
https://www.getty.edu/research/tools/vocabularies/index.html; DSpace-CRIS 
implementation involves both the "Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names Online" 
(https://www.getty.edu/research/tools/vocabularies/tgn/index.html) and "The 
Union List of Artist Names" (ULAN - 
  *   Authority Lookup based on Viaf service: The VIAF® (Virtual International 
Authority File) combines multiple name authority files into a single 
OCLC-hosted name authority service. More info at https://viaf.org/
  *   Import ORCiD publications via Submission Data Loader: During the 
submission process, users can choose an ORCiD and check which publications to 
  *   Cookies Policy Popup: This feature allows easy compliance with the EU 
legislation on cookies
  *   Other minor improvements: It is now possible to clean Solr statistics 
entries via WebUI; to upgrade Hibernate and Spring to the minor versions; we 
have improved the automatic calculation of derived metrics and the creation of 
CRIS objects as part of the submission process
  *   Other minor fixes: the out-of-box DSpace OAI Harvesting in DSpace-CRIS; 
the DSpace-CRIS SOAP web-services; the DSpace-CRIS Network when users try to 
show many graphs

We are committed to keep the DSpace-CRIS functionalities aligned in version 5.x 
and 6.x so that institutions using DSpace-CRIS are not forced to move to the 
latest version to enjoy all the new functionalities.

Please note that DSpace-CRIS 6 is still a release candidate as we are waiting 
for additional tests before cutting an official release. You can find a public 
test-drive site for DSpace-CRIS 6.1 RC here: 

As for DSpace 6, the most important things we worked on are "behind the scene" 
and they are technical changes in preparation of DSpace(-CRIS) 7.

Our goal was to make this release as stable as possible but it is undisputable 
that the underlined persistent layer of DSpace 6 is too young and not 
intensively tested on and optimized for large sites yet. We suggest developers 
to use version 6 either if they need to make extensive customizations on the 
business layer or if they want to contribute to DSpace(-CRIS) 7. For standard 
use of DSpace-CRIS, the version 5.x is a more solid choice at present.

A special thanks to Andrea Pascarelli, DSpace Committer and lead Engineer at 
4Science, who put a lot of effort on this new release making it possible.

Andrea Bollini
Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

4Science,  www.4science.it<http://www.4science.it>
office: Via Edoardo D'Onofrio 304, 00155 Roma, Italy
mobile: +39 333 934 1808
skype: a.bollini
linkedin: andreabollini
orcid: 0000-0002-9029-1854

an Itway Group Company
Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Qatar, U.A.Emirates

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