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New Lower Prices for DuraCloud Subscriptions with 20+ TB of Storage

*DuraSpace is pleased to announce new pricing for DuraCloud
<> subscriptions of 20 or more terabytes. The new
pricing structure passes on storage savings and offers greater flexibility
and more predictable pricing for the long-term preservation storage of
growing digital collections. DuraCloud will continue to offer the same
cost-effective pricing <> for subscription
plans under 20 TB, including Preservation subscriptions starting at 1 TB of
storage for an annual cost under $2,000.View the New 20+ TB Pricing
(PDF)Duracloud Subscription Plans <> (under
20TB)Request a Quote <>DuraCloud
<> is an open, hosted service from DuraSpace
<> that makes it easy to control where and how your
organization preserves content in the cloud. DuraCloud enables one-click
preservation backup to one or more expert cloud storage providers like
Amazon Web Services and the TRAC-certified Chronopolis network, while
adding lightweight features that enable digital preservation, data access,
and data sharing.Learn more about the service in the DuraSpace Guide
<>, request
a quote <>, or contact Heather Greer
Klein< <>>, Services Coordinator,
for more information.About DuraCloudDuraCloud (
<>) is a hosted service and open technology developed
by DuraSpace to help organizations take advantage of cloud services.
DuraCloud uses existing commercial cloud infrastructure to enable long-term
access to digital content. It is particularly focused on providing
preservation support services and access services for academic libraries,
academic research centers, and other cultural heritage organizations. The
service offers cloud storage from Amazon Web Services S3, Amazon Glacier,
and the TRAC-certified Chronopolis network with smart preservation tools
that enable security, data access, transformation, and sharing.*

Carol Minton Morris
Communications and Marketing Director
607 592-3135

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