There was a question the other day about data and DSpace 
Below us info on Fulcrum - a Samvera based repo - which may be of interest as 
Samvera is part of DuraSpace as well 

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>> Deep Blue Data <>: 
>> Deep Blue Data has a new release with a workflow change and addition of 
>> Globus for big data downloads!
>> Each data set in Deep Blue Data now provides users with the option to "Send 
>> to Globus to Download". Data sets that are larger than 2GB contain a message 
>> encouraging users to use Globus as the means to download the data. Data sets 
>> that are more than 10GB in size will only be downloadable through Globus. 
>> More information about Globus 
>> <> and how it can 
>> be used in Deep Blue Data is available on the Deep Blue Data website.        
>> At this point we are only using Globus to make data available from Deep Blue 
>> Data, we are not using it to ingest data into the repository. Researchers 
>> with more than 2GB of data to deposit will still need to contact Research 
>> Data Services to negotiate how to submit their data to Deep Blue Data. 
>> Currently, we can accept most data sets up to 1TB in size.
>> Also, we have enabled the metadata of a dataset in Deep Blue Data to be 
>> included in the download as a text file when the user selects the "Download 
>> All Files" option. We had been concerned that some important information 
>> contained in the metadata, such as the license governing the use of the 
>> data, was being separated from the data set upon download. Having the 
>> metadata travel with the dataset ensures that users have the information 
>> they will need to better understand and make use of the data sets in Deep 
>> Blue Data.
>> We have recently removed the option for our depositors to immediately 
>> publish their data in Deep Blue Data. Instead, a member of Research Data 
>> Services will conduct a quick review of the deposited dataset to be sure 
>> that it is complete and correct, and then publish it on behalf of the 
>> depositor. 
>> Thanks to Jeremy Morse(Fulcrum), and Jake Carlson(Deep Blue Data) for the 
>> updates.
>> Best Regards,
>> Nabeela 
>> ...on behalf of U-M Samvera group

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