Hi all,

Progress is being made toward DSpace 6.3, but it's becoming obvious that a
lot of existing contributions made for the DSpace 6.x codebase will have to
be postponed for 6.4 in order to release 6.3 in a timely manner.

We are currently aiming for a release on May 1st, which probably means a
'soft freeze' on merges to dspace-6_x on around April 25th to give adequate
time for functional and user testing. That's only 12 days away!

Over the next week you may see your PR or a PR you're watching have its
milestone changed to "6.4". This doesn't necessarily mean it can't be in
6.3, but it will need some quick attention and help with testing/reviewing
if it is to make it in.

We have limited reviewer / tester / committer resources so we are trying to
focus on some high priority and quick wins that can be finished in the next
week or so. If you really want to see a contribution make it in, then the
best way is to recruit some testers and reviewers, make sure the PR is
ready to go, and lobby for attention in #dev in Slack or in the
dspace-devel mailing list.

Here are some reasons why a PR might be moved to 6.4:

- The PR is waiting for changes or further discussion from the author(s)
- The PR hasn't yet been tested, only inspected, and needs to find testers
- The PR introduces a large number of changes that are unlikely to be
thoroughly tested in time
- The PR addresses an issue that needs further discussion, or the
implementation of the fix needs further discussion
- The PR is only adding new features, not fixing a bug or improving
existing code
- The PR hasn't gotten enough attention from anyone

The timeframes could change, and if so I'll send another update.
We are keen to get things out well before the next DSpace 7 sprint (May
7th) so attention from developers and committers is not too divided.

As always please don't hesitate to ask further questions and please feel
free to join the eternal conversation on DSpace Slack #dev channel or in
the mailing lists!

Wiki status page:


Kim and the rest of the 6.3ers

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