We are using Dspace version 5 and I am trying to add a rather large (> 20GB) 
bitstream to an existing item.

The webui fails due to time-out and other problems so I thought I would use the 
command line as described here: 

However, when I run this command:

[dspace]/bin/dspace itemupdate -e [userEmail] -s [location of the file to 
upload] -A -i [identifier for the item in the repository]

I get the following response:

Add bitstreams
Actions to be performed:
ItemUpdate - initializing run on Thu May 17 15:08:19 EDT 2018

Done processing.  Successful items: 0 of 0 items in source archive


Does anyone know whether the location of the file to upload (identified by the 
–s switch) requires a Dublin_core.xml file and/or a contents file to be present 
as well as the bitstream itself?

I am not altering the metadata but simply adding a file to the item.

Any other tips on using itemupdate from the command line for adding a single 

Thanks in advance


Alvin Hutchinson
Smithsonian Libraries
Have you seen Smithsonian Profiles<https://profiles.si.edu/>?

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