Hello DSpace Developers,

As of today, our aforementioned (and previously approved) Java Code Style
is REQUIRED for the "master" branch in GitHub.

This means that any new Pull Requests to the "master" branch MUST adhere to
the Code Style. Any code style violations will now cause errors to be
thrown by Travis CI (as it automatically validates the Code Style using

The new Code Style is documented at:

You will also find early notes on configuring your IDE to use our
Checkstyle configuration on that page. However, if you find those notes
lacking, or need further help in getting your IDE properly configured,
please feel free to ask for help on this list, or on Slack:

(Please note this strict validation of the new code style is ONLY
applicable for the "master" branch and DSpace 7 development. It will not be
backported to DSpace 6 codebase or any other branches. So, Pull Requests to
other branches are unaffected by this change)

If you have any questions or run into issues, please do let us know!

Tim Donohue
Technical Lead for DSpace & DSpaceDirect
DuraSpace.org | DSpace.org | DSpaceDirect.org

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