Tomorrow (Weds, March 14) at 20:00 UTC, we have our weekly DSpace
Developers Meeting in the #duraspace IRC
<> channel or #dev-mtg in Slack
<>. To determine your local
time, check the world clock:

*NOTE: For those in North America who just entered Daylight Savings time,
this meeting is now one hour LATER (4pm-5pm EDT). *

The agenda is posted on our Developer meetings page at:

If there are additional topics you'd like to see discussed, please feel
free to add them to the agenda.

As always, all our meetings are public.  We welcome any developers or
non-developers to attend or just read along with the chat discussions.

We hope to see you in IRC <>
or on Slack <>!


Tim Donohue
Tim Donohue
Technical Lead for DSpace & DSpaceDirect | |

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