Hi all,

We are still on track for a May 21 (UTC) release date of DSpace 6.3. Thanks
to all those who have chipped in and helped with pull requests, code
reviews, testing, and joining the conversation.

We've made good progress on testing and merging code contributions, and now
that we're a few days away from release, some thorough testing of the
dspace-6_x branch would be really helpful.
We'll look at switching the DSpace Demo site (demo.dspace.org) over to
dspace-6_x soon, as well

In particular, testing these general components that have had significant
changes / fixes / improvements since 6.2 will help catch anything important
that needs changing before release:

   - Discovery (Solr) searches, including browsing, pagination, filters,
   special characters and very long requests
   - General test of OAI-PMH (both ways)
   - General test of REST API (aka Legacy REST) and REST Reports
   - Flyway upgrades, fresh installs, database migrations
   - ORCID authority control
   - Subscriptions (with the sub-daily script)
   - Statistics GeoIP (location) lookups and display
   - CSV metadata exporting
   - General performance (and particularly: XMLUI + items with many
   - MathJAX rendering

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T: @kimshepherd
P: +6421883635
W: www.shepherd.nz <http://shepherd.nz>

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