Thank you for the direction.  Now, of course, the follow up questions:

1. I added one extra filter, specifically, I added  <ref 
bean="searchFilterType" /> to the <list> set.  I recycled Tomcat, but then 
got an error regarding a missing bean.  I am now guessing that I need to 
rebuild DSpace in order for the new bean to get added to the package?
2. A related question, where can I find the full list of available search 
filters?  In the sample you pointed me to there are the following:
                <ref bean="searchFilterTitle" />
                <ref bean="searchFilterAdvisor" />
                <ref bean="searchFilterAuthor" />
                <ref bean="searchFilterSubject" />
                <ref bean="searchFilterIssued" />
                <ref bean="searchFilterType" />
                <ref bean="searchFilterProvenance" />
Is that the exhaustive list or are there more.  If more, where can I find 
the full list?

Thank you for your previous help and I look forward hopefully to answers to 
these two follow on questions.

On Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 10:31:38 AM UTC-4, Donald Bynum wrote:

> I might have needed to make this multiple posts, but hopefully I can get a 
> response to some or all of the following customization questions.  How do I 
> go about the following:
> 1. Adding extra selections to the search filter list.  Currently only 
> Author, Date of Issue, Title and Subject are in the list.  I'd like to add 
> other metadata items to the list
> 2. How can I make metadata fields mandatory.  Currently only Title and 
> Date of Issue are mandatory
> 3.Can I add extra metadata fields, or at least rename some of the metadata 
> labels.
> I'm guessing that none of the above is too complex.  But a push in the 
> right direction would be excellent.

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