hi guys good night!. I am writing you for next situation:

I have installed dspace 5.4 with jspui interface. well. I wanna enable. 
request a copy option. ok. I configured my dspace.cfg with * request.item.type 
= all*
 and my  *requestitem.xml with RequestItemMetadataStrategy*. well. I 
understand that request a copy work with restricted items. I understand for 
it how items with *embargo. *

well I begining my session with my administrator acconunt and I created a 
intem inside a collection. after I begin session with a self gegister 
account and I try to see the item with embargo. but it say me that I need 
authorization. I don't understand why I can't see form with green button 
request a copy.

I was reading and I find a article that say that user grup anonymus can't 
request a copy but if my  *request.item.type = all  * all type of user can 
can request a copy. but well I create a new group and put a new user in 
this new group. but nothing it continue say me that I need authorization.

I don't know if I am understand bad how work option request a copy.

If you can help me with that  I would appreciate your help.

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