I've been testing the latest git master (upcoming DS 6), and since pulling the 
latest changes on Tuesday, I've encountered errors like:

ERROR: prepared statement "S_29" does not exist
(a paste for the full stack trace: http://pastebin.com/2mLKNNHD)

(where "S_29" varies). The errors seem to happen when I use workflow 
functionality and try to submit something, or directly try to submit something 
to a collection. When the error state is on, I cannot start new submissions, 
upload bitstreams from the workflow, or upload bitstreams from 
administration->edit item - and possibly more. I don't know exactly what are 
the conditions for reproducing this nor I know how to recover from the state. I 
managed recovery once by restarting postgres, but in general it doesn't seem to 

I first encountered this on Tuesday and asked help on irc. Helix84 did some 
googling and one reason this might happen, is some sort of concurrency problem, 
where the original PSTMT gets deleted/flushed out and is not available when 
resumed (unfortunately I don't have the reference or the irc log).

My environment is: Ubuntu 16.04, Java 1.8, Jetty 9, PostgreSQL 9.5. I'll 
continue examining the issue to determine if it is just something in my own 
environment or a genuine bug.


Ilja Sidoroff
University of Eastern Finland

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