We'd like to change the search results in our Mirage2 theme to show just 
the first N words in abstracts. We do NOT want to show the search hits in 
context as we've found this is not useful to users. I honestly thought that 
the following code would suffice:

    <!-- abstract exists-->
    <xsl:when test="dri:list[@n=(concat($handle, 
        <div class="abstract">                          
':dc.description.abstract'))]/dri:item[1], 220, 10)"/>
    <!-- search hit but no abstract to show -->
        <div class="abstract">
            <em>No abstract or description.</em>

The problem is that on some items, we don't get the abstract from the 
beginning. Instead, if there's a search hit in the middle of the abstract, 
we still get the snippets showing the search term in context. 

Do I need to turn off hit highlighting or some other feature?



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