You should take a look at at your /webapps/jspui/submit, take a look at 

Edited JSPs are deployed automatically so no need to run maven or ant.

El dijous, 9 febrer de 2017 13:23:25 UTC+1, va escriure:
> Hi there
> I'm using last version of DSpace-CRIS,
> I am interested in modifying the looks of my submission interface. 
> Following the documentation (
> )
> It says: The cosmetic and ergonomic details of metadata entry fields 
> remain the same as the fixed metadata pages in previous DSpace releases, 
> and can only be altered by modifying the appropriate stylesheet and JSP 
> pages.
> My question is, whats the name of these JSP pages?
> And just to be on the safe side, I get that modifying these JSP should be 
> done in [dspace-source] then run 'mvn' and 'ant update' with -Dconfig 
> option.
> Any more hints on how to tweak submissions forms besides out-of-the-box 
> features? 

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