We have set up our DataCite DOI account in our Dspace 6.1 instance, and we 
are having a problem when we run the update from the command line script, 

When I make a change to metadata in our Dspace instance in the web site, 
this causes a change in the item's status in the doi table in the 
database.  The status changes from 3 to 6.  Then, the next time I run the 
command line program, doi-organiser, the status after the update to 
DataCite should be changed back to 3.  In the java code, it appears that 
the change is being made, but in the database, the status does not change, 
it is still 6.  This means that the next time doi-organiser runs, it will 
try to make another update for this item.  It succeeds at DataCite, and 
another instance appears on the revisions list, but the status never 
changes in the database.

In our file, DOIIdentifierProvider.java, which provides the updating 
functions for both the website update process and the command line program, 
the method updateMetadata handles the website update, and the method 
updateMetadataOnline handles the update from the doi-organiser command line 
program.  Both methods report success, but only updateMetadata actually 
updates the database.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Best regards,

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