On Friday, 4 May 2018 12:46:54 UTC+5:30, Jojo Capunay wrote:
> Hello again, just tried to do another fresh install of Dspace.
> This time i'm using Ubuntu 18.04LTS and Dspace6.2
> i got my first install working on 16.04LTS last time so i decided to do a 
> clean on a new machine but for some reason mvn didn't seem to work this 
> time.
> i don't know if its the latest java version causing this mess, if i recall 
> it right. My first Dspace install used Jdk9? now its Jdk11?
> please do help because I'm on a deadline. :(
> i'm relative new to this, tried to look how to enforce maven. but still no 
> fruit. hope to hear fro you guys soon

Hi Jojo,

DSpace 6.2 does not build properly with openjdk11, remove openjdk11 and 
install openjdk8.

I am able to successfully compile/install DSpace 6.2 in Ubuntu 18.04 
(amd64) using openjdk8 and maven 3.0.5

S. Baskar

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