Dear DSpace Community,

DSpace 5.10 is now available! DSpace 5.10 provides bug fixes and
improvements to the DSpace 5.x platform.

This release address an issue in the DSpace 5.9 release that prevented the
application from running in Java 7.  This release also addresses a bug in
statistics reporting in DSpace 5.9.

DSpace 5.10 can be downloaded immediately from:

5.10 Release notes are available at:

*Major bug fixes include*

   - DSpace 5.9 - REST Service Does Not Run - DS-4000
   - After upgrading PostgreSQL JDBC driver, DSpace does not run on JDK 7 -
   DS-3938 <>
   - DSpace 5.9 is not saving VIEW events to statistics repo (SEARCH and
   WORKFLOW are saved) - DS-4020 <>

For more information, see the Changes
<> section in the
DuraSpace wiki.

*Acknowledgments *
The 5.10 release was led by Terry Brady.

The following individuals provided code or bug fixes to the 5.10 release:
Terry Brady, Alexander Sulfrian, Philip Vissenaekens (Atmire), and Jozsef

A detailed listing of all known people/institutions who contributed
directly to DSpace 5.x is available in the Release Notes
<>. If you
contributed and were not listed, please let us know so that we can correct

As always, we are happy to hear back from the community about DSpace.
Please let us know what you think of 5.10!
Terry Brady
Applications Programmer Analyst
Georgetown University Library Information Technology
425-298-5498 (Seattle, WA)

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