I'm customizing the research profile page of a DSpace-CRIS 5.8 
installation. I had include some new tabs to show projects, indicators, etc 
but I'm not be able to show the patents associated with a researcher. 
Something like this DSpace installation for the Honk Kong Polytechnic 
University <http://ira.lib.polyu.edu.hk/cris/rp/rp00340/patents.html>

According to this documentation,  
<https://wiki.duraspace.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=78163308>I have 
modified the *spring/cris/ cris-components.xml* like this:

    <bean id="rpComponentsService" class=
        <property name="components">
                <entry key="dspaceitems" value-ref="publicationlist" />
                <entry key="projects" value-ref="projectlist" />
                <entry key="patentes" value-ref="patentlist" /> 

    <bean id="patentlist"
        <property name="relationConfiguration" ref=
"relationRPVSItemConfiguration" />
        <property name="commonFilter"><util:constant static-field=
        <property name="target" value=
"org.dspace.app.cris.model.ResearcherPage" />
        <property name="facets" ref="facetsItemConfiguration" />
        <property name="types">
                <entry key="patent" value-ref="patentComponent" />

Then, using the Administrative UI I create a new Tab called "Patentes" 
(Patents in English) using the key "patentes" to display the information. 
It shows just a blank box like this:

[image: Untitled.png]

It shows the tab and the box associated, but empty. Reindexing do not solve 
the problem.

Do you know what's wrong with this? If it's necessary I will post more 


Rubén Vázquez

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