Hi Glenn and Alex,

Thanks for checking. The orcid_icon.png file should have been added into 
the right folder automatically when you installed the patch, hence my 
question about the path. I'll try to do the installation on a vanilla 
DSpace again to see if it renders the same problem for me. If so, we'll 
make sure to get this fixed. 

To already fix the issue on your DSpace right now, you can indeed just 
download the file and add it to 
[dspace]/webapps/xmlui/themes/Mirage2/images as Alex already suggested. If 
that does not work, let me know. 



On Monday, January 13, 2020 at 5:52:25 PM UTC+1, Alex Fletcher wrote:
> Glenn:
> I downloaded the orcid_icon.png file that Jolene mentioned earlier and put 
> it here:
> - [dspace]/webapps/xmlui/themes/Mirage2/images
> That seemed to do the trick for us.
> Alex
> On Monday, 13 January 2020 11:11:12 UTC-5, Glenn G wrote:
>> Jolien,
>> Our DSpace installation does not have the path you mentioned.  The 
>> Mirage2 directory is located here:
>> [dspace]/webapps/xmlui/themes/Mirage2
>> Our [dspace] directory is not literally "dspace".  It has the format, 
>> id-dspace.  Also, our modules directory is located here:
>> [dspace]/config/modules
>> There are various possible reasons why our installation is different from 
>> that anticipated by the patch:
>> - It has been upgraded multiple times.
>> - It was moved to a standalone server after being hosted on a server with 
>> several other DSpace installations.
>> - It was originally upgraded to 6.3 using the binary install.  I added 
>> the [dspace-source] later in order to install patches.
>> Nonetheless, Alex indicates the patch could be installed if I do one or 
>> both of the following beforehand:
>> - Put a copy of orcid_icon.png in [dspace]/webapps/xmlui/themes/Mirage2
>> - Create a directory, 
>> [dspace]/modules/xmlui-mirage2/src/main/webapp/themes/Mirage2 and put 
>> orcid_icon.png there.
>> Does either approach seem reasonable?
>> Thanks,
>> Glenn
>> On Monday, January 13, 2020 at 2:16:51 AM UTC-6, Jolien (Atmire) wrote:
>>> In fact, the file should be contained in the patch. You can see that 
>>> here (for the DSpace 6 version): 
>>> https://github.com/atmire/expanded-ORCID-support/blob/stable_6x/dspace/modules/xmlui-mirage2/src/main/webapp/themes/Mirage2/images/orcid_icon.png.
>>> For some reason, it looks like it is not accessed correctly when you do the 
>>> installation. 
>>> What could be happening is that in your DSpace installation, the path 
>>> dspace/modules/xmlui-mirage2/src/main/webapp/themes/Mirage2 does not exist 
>>> or exists under a different name. Could you check that? 
>>> On Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at 12:10:42 AM UTC+1, Glenn G wrote:
>>>> After applying the ORCID patch, the functionality my users were most 
>>>> interested in is missing.  The ORCID logo does not appear next to the 
>>>> author's name, and the name is not clickable, so a list of the author's 
>>>> publications cannot be retrieved from ORCID as promised.  The ability to 
>>>> search by ORCID number does now appear in the list of search modifiers, 
>>>> but 
>>>> it only works when the entire number is supplied with the "equals" 
>>>> operand.  The patch and functionality are described here:  
>>>> https://atmire.github.io/expanded-ORCID-support/#/
>>>> If you have any idea why the logo and linked name don't appear, please 
>>>> let me know.  We are using the Mirage 2 theme.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Glenn

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