Thanks, Andrew. 
This is the approach I favoured and I have got it working finally but there 
were some inconsistencies (bugs?) that I thought I should document for the 
These issues are probably specific to dspace 1.5/xmlui/manakin. 

Initially I tried adding the anonymous group through the "assign roles" page 
under "edit collection" in the manakin interface. 
That didn't work. 
Then I went to "edit authorization policies directly", which gives me different 
information from what I see on the "assign roles" page. 
So this is perhaps bug number 1. 
In any case, adding the anonymous group to the submitters group here still does 
not work. 
Curiously, when I would go to the collection home page there would be a "submit 
a new item to this collection" link but it would go to the submission page with 
no entry in the "select a collection" drop-down list. 
I still could not submit. 
Finally I added a new policy explicitly enabling anonymous to "add". 
This worked. 
In other words, it was not working when I tried to add anonymous as a group 
within an existing submitters group, but it did work when I added a separate 
policy for anonymous. 
This probably relates to Kim's response dealing with stackable authentication 
but I haven't yet looked into that. 

Thanks again for your help. 


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registered users 

The easiest solution is to allow Anonymous submission to a collection. 

People still have to register to submit, but after that they can submit without 
admin having to add them to a group. 

We use this for our thesis collections, and so far have not had anyone who is 
not a student bothering to register and submit - which of course is the risk of 
this approach. 


Andrew White 

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Subject: [Dspace-general] opening a collection to submission to all registered 

Is there a simple way to enable all registered users to submit to a given 
For our e-thesis collection all graduating students will be submitters. 
Rather than having each one register and request to be added to the submitter 
group, it would be nice if DSpace recognized each student as a valid submitter 
as soon as she/he registers. 
Am I overlooking a simple solution? 
If not, I'm thinking about a nightly routine to add any new users to the 
submitter group. 

We are using DSpace 1.5, xmlui/manakin. 




Wayne Johnston 
Digital Initiatives Librarian, University of Guelph 
519.824.4120 x56900 


Wayne Johnston 
Digital Initiatives Librarian, University of Guelph 
519.824.4120 x56900 

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