I am running DSpace 5.2 modified Mirage2 theme XMLUI in production 
(http://ecommons.cornell.edu) .
One of the things that I am doing is running a script daily that counts the 
number of items and places them on the home page.
The script that I run executes this command:
select item_id from item where withdrawn='f' and in_archive='t' ;

The number that I get currently is : 33,307

However, if I go to Browse by titles:

It shows the current number of items as being: 33,177

So, my calculations appear to be 130 items off.  Does anyone have any ideas why 
there would be this discrepancy?  I am already weeding out withdrawn and 
deleted items, so what could I be ignoring that I should be excluding from my 

George Kozak
Digital Library Specialist
Cornell University Library Information Technologies (CUL-IT)
218 Olin Library
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

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