On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 03:36:12PM +0000, George Stanley Kozak wrote:
> Back in DSpace 1.8.2, I executed a bunch of SQL queries to generate reports 
> for people at my site.
> One of my reports relied on getting the name and description of a bitstream.
> The report that I generated used this SQL query:
> select bitstream_id,name,description,sequence_id,size_bytes from bitstream;
> I see now in DSpace 5.2  that "name" and "description" are no longer part of 
> the bitstream table.  Where are these values now held?

Bitstreams can now have metadata, and those fields moved to the
metadatavalue table.  You can for example:

  JOIN metadatavalue md
   WHERE resource_id = bitstream_id
    AND resource_type_id = 0
    AND metadata_field_id = (
     SELECT metadata_field_id FROM metadatafieldregistry
      WHERE metadata_schema_id = (
       SELECT metadata_schema_id FROM metadataschemaregistry
        WHERE short_id = 'dc')
       AND element = 'title'
       AND qualifier IS NULL

> Also, is there a document out there that details the SQL changes in DSpace 
> 5.2?

I don't recall one, but the main idea is that metadata support moved
from Item to DSpaceObject, and then all <extends DSpaceObject> had
their interesting fields changed into metadata.  I went and looked at
Bitstream.getName() to recall that that is now stored in dc.title.
What is left in the object tables is mainly internal bookkeeping stuff
like checksums.

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