On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 04:06:19PM -0400, Peter Dietz wrote:
> Has anyone stored nested / rich metadata in DSpace?
> An example I'm thinking of is for storing richer amounts of metadata for an
> object. For example:
>    - Author
>       - first-name: Peter
>       - last-name: Dietz
>       - name-as-it-appears: Peter Dietz
>       - institution: Longsight
>       - date-of-birth: ...
>       - ...
>    - Author
>       - first-name: Sam
>       - last-name: Ottenhoff
>       - ...
> The Authority Control system of DSpace looks like it approaches this, but
> the documentation isn't clear, and I'm not sure if it requires that your
> data values reside in some Library of Congress registry.

You can create other authority providers.  (The documentation is
indeed sketchy.  The code is in
dspace-api:org.dspace.content.authority.  Sadly there is no
package-level documentation to help us understand how the package is

> The hack-job I have in mind would be to serialize the information... to
> json... and then store that into a metadata field.
> So.
> schema.author.serialized = {first-name: "Peter", last-name: "Dietz",
> "name-as-it-appears" : "Peter Dietz", "institution": "Longsight", ... }
> However, I'm tempted to think that DSpace should either have the ability to
> plug into any registry (hopefully there are registries you can populate and
> maintain with your own local data), or to extend DSpace's metadata data
> model to support nested/rich data.

DSpace already has infrastructure sufficient to represent the above.
We just don't define:


That part is easy to fix.  The hard part is that DSpace treats author
names as immediate strings rather than identifiers for related
"person" objects.  Fixing that will take a bit of work.  It ties in
with existing and ongoing work to integrate ORCID, too.

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