I have dspam 3.10 compiled up - this was done with '--enable-debug' and 

It's run in Daemon mode with just '--daemon' - i.e. no '--debug'

I get a lot of:

 "query error: VERBOSE DEBUG (INFO ONLY - NOT AN ERROR): see sql.errors for 
more details"

syslog'd - and the 'sql.errors' file has the queries (mysql queries in this 
case) logged in it.

I can see this isn't an error - but I would like to stop these getting 

In 'dspam.conf' I have:

#Debug *
#Debug bob bill
#DebugOpt process spam fp

Is there anything I can change this to to turn off the debug logs for these 

I can't easily recompile dspam - and even if I could - I'd prefer to leave 
the debug version in place, but with debug turned off.

Can I tell it to debug only for user 'zzzzz' (which doesn't exist) to get 
rid of these log entries? - Or is there a proper way to do it?



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