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> From a practical point of view they are pretty equivalent.  Both 
> run fine with the DVAR software.  G4ULF's package is being tested 
> against both and a few bugs and documentation issues are still 
> being worked out before general release.  They do have different 
> licensing terms for their firmware which you may want to 
> consider,  I like PA4YBR's terms better.   Satoshi makes 
> disparaging remarks about other manufacturers of boards and 
> firmware on his site, but does offer a nice enclosure with his boards.

Yep.  I like Fred's terms better as well.  I'm running a hybrid - an 
early Satoshi board with PA4YBR firmware.  The firmware has been 
superb with DVAR Hotspot, and when I get things sorted out here, I'm 
keen to add D-STAR frequencies to my repeater licence and run NI 
Star.  This is especially significant where I am now, as there is 
very limited D-STAR availability here (base station only access to 
VK3RMM is about it).  A local repeater or two would be very welcome.

73 de VK3JED / VK3IRL

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