Dplus does seem to be running on that gateway (From:



dsipsvd (root:2555) dsgwd (root:2534) 
postgres (postgres:2424) httpd (root:2450) 
java (root:2265) dplus (root:8996) 
named (named:1918) 
DSM ok (DSM= 2265 APRS=none running) 
Mem: 18MB Free, 249MB Total




WG2MSK repeater


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How can you tell?

Fran, W1FJM



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That's good news.  I've noticed Steve Ford has written small updates about
news in the D-Star world from time to time, including references to node
adapters, hotspots, etc.  


I can see they are running D-Star Monitor, but I don't see evidence of
DPlus.  Am I missing something?


   Jim - K6JM


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