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> On Mar 26, 2011, at 6:07 PM, Adam Leventhal wrote:
> > As you probably figured out, those two stacks contain a bunch of JITed
> > code. The hotspot JVM should provide the facilities for DTrace to
> > interpret those symbolically. Printing of C symbols use an orthogonal
> > -- and far simpler -- mechanism.
> >
> > Can someone from the Apple team comment on this?
>         Yes, this is broken, and there isn't really a workaround.
>        All of the "helper" stack tracers are currently disabled :-(.
>        It's bug #5273057 if you want to add comments.
>        I don't currently have an ETA for a fix.

A number of people have asked me about ustack helpers on OSX, since this is
often the first level of observability people need for dynamic environments
like Java, Node.js, and Python.  I've been referring people to this thread.
 My understanding is that the best way to escalate this to Apple is either
through any Apple developer liasons you're already in touch with or else by
filing additional bug reports at bugreport.apple.com (because as far as I
know, there's no way to "vote" on a bug that you didn't submit).  I just
filed 11206497.

-- Dave
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