*(1)- one bedroom with balcony England Cluster 50000/-4 Chq(2)- one bedroom
Spain cluster with double balcony 52000/-4(3)- MOROCCO CLUSTER STUDIO WITH
BALCONY 35000/-4 Chq(4) PERSIA CLUSTER Studio with balcony 32000/- 2 Chq(5)
luxury fully furnish studio England cluster 36000/-4 chq(6) 5/bedroom villa
in al warqaa size 10000 sqft area rent 190000/-1 chqDAWOOD|Property
Consultant|Mob +971-50-5003866 Mob +971-55-4101970Email:
dawood.primeh...@gmail.com <dawood.primeh...@gmail.com>*

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