Professional Investor Bulk Deal Yielding 8%
9 Units Mix of 1,2,3 Beds in Sports Residence
Dubai Sports City
All Rented for 641k AED Per year
Special Bulk Price 8M AED Cash

In a Bear Real Estate Market and With current conditions, buyers are
looking for guarantees and certainty, developers are offering guaranteed
rents into the future, which may or may not materialize.

Real Investors are sitting on Piles of Cash and they want safe investments
that pay real Rental Yields of Above 5%.

We Are Offering 9 Brand New Units is Elite 10 Sports Residence, a mixture
of 1,2,&3 beds all rented for 641,000 AED per year.
GIVING a Real 8% Yield not Speculation, Fact!

For a Serious Savvy Investor a Bulk Deal Price of
8,000,000 AED Cash Price.

This Deal won’t be available for long.


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