Hi there,
I live in New Zealand, and have been a long-time Duet (and SmartRadio)
user; one of our main services used on these devices has been Pandora,
which at the beginning of the month withdrew from NZ. 

Given I use a DNS service, I'm still able to access Pandora and this
works fine on computers, tablets etc and the Smart Radio, but I've had
no luck getting it to work on either of the Duets, which both display a
"Pandora doesn't operate in your country" message 

I've tried everything I can think of: I've disabled/re-enabled the
Pandora plugin in LMS; I've removed the Pandora account from
Mysqueezebox.com, deleted the app from the same and reinstalled it; I've
uninstalled the app from the Duet controllers and reinstalled it.

*I just can't find where I should be able to enter my Pandora
credentials for the Duets to be sure they are accessing my recently
created Pandora account. *There are no user settings in LMS to allow
this, and I'm assuming it's not just picking it up from mysqueezebox,com
(mine is set correctly there). 

Am I not seeing login options in any place due to the LMS plugin
thinking I'm not in the US, or is it that it's still got my old
(NZ-based) account settings in it?

Where would I normally be entering the Pandora user details in to set up
Pandora to work on the Duets? It's too long ago since I set them up!

Thanks for any advice you're able to provide.

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