Okay, haven't quite given up. My other receiver is 350 miles away so I
can't test the power supply swap, but I don't think the power supply is
the issue.

I found this in a thread here from 4 years ago.

So I cracked open the receiver, pulled the wifi card and powered up. Got
the 2 flash purple saying the wifi card was missing as it was. Pulled
the power and held the front button with wifi card out and put power
back on. The LED did 2 purple flashes and then goes into the test
sequence flashing all the LED colors. I then put the wifi card back in
and I'm back to the slow red flash and can't reset. This leads me to
believe the power supply is fine, but not the wifi card.

I then got to searching for a card and found this one on Amazon.
The card looks right and has the correct Atheros AR2413 Chipset, but is
called a WLM54G rather than a WLANTPG V2 which is the card in my

Do any of you know if this card is a valid replacement before I spend
the US $10 (includes shipping)?

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