Dear Thomas,

Thank you for your response and your hint. I am clear now!

Have a nice day.


On 30.11.2016 08:23, Thomas Fetzer wrote:
Hi Mai,

it depends, when you print this->timeManager().time(). In your case, you have to add this->timeManager().timeStepSize(). Although your Newton has already converged the time is updated after problem_->writeOutput() is called, see timemanager.hh.

Kind regards,

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Am 11/29/2016 um 03:29 PM schrieb Trung Hieu Mai:
Dear Dumux,

Recently, I discovered the value of this->timeManager().time() in void
addOutputVtkFields() always 1 time step before as in VTK output. Is it a
bug in Dumux?

More detail: During comparing a time dependent analytical solution with
a Dumux simulation, I have added an anaSol variable in
addOutputVtkFields(). The variable anaSol is calculated as a function of
time which called by  this->timeManager().time(). In the results, I
found some lagging between anaSol and simulation result. Printing out
the value from this->timeManager().time(), I found that the time is
always 1 time step before as in VTK (Ex: with time step 810s, the time
in VTK results are 0, 810, 1620...and the this->timeManager().time()
returns value: 0, 0, 810 respectively)

Best wishes,


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