Hi Bernd,

Thanks for your help.
I did not get a message through the list.

What is shown at the third picture in the gallery is what I need, but in 2D, 
where I need it in 3D.
I am not experienced in C++. Expanding to 3D may challenging for me. Therefore 
I probably need an easier code, to not lose time on programming and errors 
coming with it.

I will still glad to be on the list. I may try Dumux for different type of 

Kind regards,

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Hi Peleg,

I'm answering to the list, since more ideas may come from there.

The closest to what you need is an exercise on convective mixing in our module 
It's where the third picture in the gallery
is produced from. You can find it in the folder "lecture/mm/convectivemixing" 
and build by "make convmixexercise". It's 2d, but can be easily generalized to 
3d. There's also a description available in the subfolder "description" of the 
source directory which you can build by "pdflatex ConvectiveMixingExercise.tex".

At the moment, it's best to use the Dumux 2.12 release branches.

Kind regards
On 04/16/2018 12:55 PM, Haruzi, Peleg wrote:

There is a simulation I want to run. Before I am starting to work on Dumux, I 
would like to know whether Dumux can indeed deal with that challenge.
Is there any forum in website ? I think to send my question to all member list 
will be interrogating.

My question would be:
I want to solve density-driven flow with Darcy’s law in 3D heterogeneous 
aquifer model (the model is given, in Cartesian grid. It is fully saturated, 
each cell is described with K(x) and φ(x)). In more specific, tracer of 
different density than the groundwater will be injected. The output I’m looking 
for is the time-dependent 3D velocity field. Can Dumux run such kind of model ?

Best regards,
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