>but I'm certain that over the years MCE has made a LOT of money 
>doing cardbus activations on various models, not just the 2400c's,

heh... I find that remark bizarre.

First of all, there were not that many 2400c's sold in the US, and I 
suspect that a mere fraction have been seen by MCE.

To my understanding the 2400c was going to be the first CardBus 
compliant powerbook from Apple. It somehow did not make the cut due 
to some last-minute manufacturing issues at IBM. However the next 
PowerBook out the door, I seem to recall it being the Kanga (the 3400 
with a G3 cpu) *was* CardBus compliant.

So *which* other powerbooks is MCE 'activating'?

>Charging $100 for a very simple procedure is not fair,

That is for each of us to decide, isn't it?

I think it is more than fair! $100 to extend the life of a 4 year old 
machine another year or two? That is still at least *one thousand, 
one hundred dollars LESS* that what the current logical replacement 
(new iBook) would cost you. Pretty simple math from where I am 

Plus, the 2400c had at least 3, maybe 4 revisions of motherboard 
during it's production run. From what I can recall during MCE's 
testing, doing a cardbus activation requires a different procedure 
for each one. MCE figured out how do do all of them, safely, and 
without danger of FUBARing up somebody's beloved powerbook in the 
process. Unless you are willing and able to do the same, you will 
probably just ensure that at least a greater percentage of people 
that follow the directions you might post will destroy their machine 
in the process.

Sorry Calvin, I'd trust my powerbook and $100 with a guy in a 
business, some assets, and a phone number I can call... way more than 
a guy with an AOL account and some spare time on his hands.

--chuck goolsbee
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