> Enumeration types. It is allowed to have a DW_AT_byte_size on a
> DW_TAG_enumeration_type, but not DW_AT_encoding. To describe both size
> and encoding one needs to use a DW_AT_type pointing to a base type that
> represents the "underlying type". For languages where enumerations don't
> have an underlying type, or for strongly typed enums it is easier to
> attach the encoding directly than adding and indirection to a base type.
> Add DW_AT_encoding to the attribute list for DW_TAG_enumeration_type.

FWIW, our Ada compiler always placed DW_AT_encoding attributes directly on
DW_TAG_enumeration_type to indicate the underlying signedness.  Ada never was
truly supported, so we just viewed it as part of the Ada support we'd defined.

Todd Allen
Concurrent Computer Corporation
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