Hi there,

I consider the current states of dwm hg tip and dmenu hg tip as
finished for the next release.

I contrast to my previous decision to postpone several patches
which have been supplied during the last weeks for after
dwm-5.0, I decided to integrate them now, just before dwm-5.0,
in order to minimize changes to config.h after the 5.0 release.

Thus, the current hg tip contains the following major changes:

1. The argument type for key- and button-handlers is a union
called Arg, which looks as follows:

typedef union {
        int i;
        uint ui;
        float f;
        void *v;
} Arg;

This enforces type-safety at compile time, but also provides the
flexibility to supply auxilliary arguments using the v-field.

2. The previous color/font definitions are const char[]
declarations now. Note, that in dmenu's config.h they are const
char * however, because there the pointer might change if
colors/fonts are overridden by program arguments.

3. The syntax to spawn has changed, if you prefer the old
behavior, config.def.h contains a SHCMD macro to supply the old

4. A new Button type has been introduced which encapsulates the
mouse handling in dwm in a very similiar fashing as the Key type
does. See config.def.h for details. Thanks to yiyus for his

5. dwm-5.0 support Xinerama in a very basic way, it basically
uses the Xinerama screen indexed by xidx only, however the
floating layout allows to use the whole real estate provided by
the X display -- so in multihead setups dwm can be used in a
floating fashion, whereas the biggest screen should be used for
the tiled layout.

6. The tags are addressed using bit-fields now, which has been
discussed earlier already. See the mailinglist archives for

7. The bar is toggleable again.

8. There is a new maximize meta-layout which can be
enabled/disabled using Mod1-m.

In contrast to previous releases of dwm and dmenu, the 5.0 and
3.7 series will be major simplifications. I got rid of the
DEFGEOM and pseudo-multihead-layout overengineering from dwm-4.8
and dwm-4.9, so 5.0 feels more like 4.7, but provides
considerably major improvements.

Please report any bugs. If there aren't any major bugs, I will
release both, dmenu and dwm around mid of next week.

Kind regards,
 Anselm R. Garbe >< http://www.suckless.org/ >< GPG key: 0D73F361

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